Nictaux & District FD

The featured fire department of the week for the week of July 16, 2023 – July 23, 2023 is the Nictaux & District Volunteer Fire Department located in Annapolis County.
The Nictaux & District Volunteer Fire Department is a 100% volunteer fire department which is located in Annapolis County just south of Middleton. The department was formed in 1954. They currently have 37 members consisting of 1 Chief, 2 Deputy Chiefs, 4 Captains, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Fire Police, 1 Constable, 24 Firefighters, and 4 Junior Firefighters. They serve the areas of Nictaux, South Farmington, Meadowvale, Torbrook, North and South Williamston, New Albany, Albany, Albany Cross and out as far as Waterloo Lake. The population is roughly 3,500. The department usually runs between 70 and 80 calls a year. They have the following pieces of apparatus Engine 11, Engine 12, Tanker 21, Tanker 22, Rescue 31 & Utility 51.
Personal note: Recently many gathered in their auditorium for a funeral reception for a friend of mine. I would like to personally thank the department for the use of their auditorium for this.
A link to their Facebook group is below.
Information adapted from Nictaux & District Volunteer Fire Department
Photo credits go to The Valley Eye
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